Friday, August 14, 2009

Only cute guys please!

My bf is looking for better opportunity in other department in the bank and so he seek help from guy H from the other department. Guy H was very helpful and help him to lookout for other vacant in other department.

Then 1 day, guy H received this email and forward it to my bf. I was laughing away while I was reading it.

From Guy H's colleague:

click for larger view

Haha. I never know guys need to have this special criteria in order to get a job.

I told my bf, "alright no problem, just attach a photo of yourself. Confirm 100% pass. They won't even need to interview you or look at your paper qualification." LOL. Well, of cos that's not true =P


Alvin Lim said...

cute guy ?memememe

Tammie said...

haha! that's so funny!

'if he's a guy he must be cute'


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