Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I want a absolute boyfriend!

I slept late last night as I was watching 'Absolute boyfriend'. The male lead actor, Hayami Mokomichi was so gorgeous! His body will make you simply drool & flood the whole room. Lol.

After watching, I decided to come out with this list:

Criteria of my absolute boyfriend!

1)Make breakfast bento for me every morning.

2) Tell me that he loves me even when I'm scolding & yelling at him.

3) Put his arms around me when I'm feeling down or sick.

4) Tell me that I'm the best no matter how silly I am. =D

5) When others ask him why does he loves me he will answer, "Because she is special!"

6) Must be tan & with a muscular built. Not those professional body builder type!

7) Will rush to me whenever I'm in danger! He shall protect me from any hazard!

8) He may give me suggestions BUT never argue with me! Less anger is good for my health. Lol.

9) Clean the house whenever I'm not free to do so. Woohoo!

10) LISTEN attentively when I talk! Be interested in the topic no matter how unrelated it is to him.

11) Remember all my goodfriends name! I hate to keep repeating names.

12) Be there whenever I need him. Be the man I can trust and depend on.

13) Surprise me!

14) When all fails, buy something to cheer me up. *evil grin*

15) Lastly, be faithful always =D


Sounds good? Maybe this is what all girls want. Haha. But I bet such guy has long extinct!


Simply Precious said...

Hmm... Absolute boyfriend? Is that a movie in English? LOL! Sounds like one of the movies I'd love to watch. I just hate subtitles though. Hehe!

PoisonKagero said...

Haha... I like the breakfast bento part =)!

Nang me:

mknace said...


Anonymous said...

i don't think such guy even exist.

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