Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things people don't want to read on your entry!

There are tons of things to read on the internet and I actually do love reading them all BUT I only read those that really interest me or at least it's pleasing to my eyes. Here is a list of of things that I DO NOT want to read on anyone blog. It should also be the checklist for your blog before you start writing an entry. Haha.

Here is the List:

1) Your LONG winded story on how you spent your day
It's definitely okay to write about how you spent your day but learn to SUMMARISED it! You knw it's boring to read things like, "This morning after I have brush my teeth and wash my face, I wore my pinky heels and went out to meet my friends. It's been a long time since I met them. We decided to drop by Orchard and so we took a bus there..."

Why not just write it as, "Wee! I'm meeting my buddy at orchard today! I have not seen for like donkey years, I miss them so much!" At least this way, its short & sweet.

2) Your overloaded pictures of yourself
Camwhore is ermmm fine but please limit it to 1-3 photos of yourself. Well, I will give it a 5 photos for the max. If you really wish to put more photos, at least try put other more interesting pictures other than your own face -___- Unless it's a modeling photos shots or maybe if you're a super chio bu, then ok. Haha =X

3) Boring title chase my visitor away
Just imagine your having a bad day at work, then you visit a blog and his/her blog title was "Sian arh!", "Boring day!", "No tittle" or "Monday bluesssss" this definitely generate 0% - 1% of your interest for you to read on.

Even if your day really sucks you can also put an interesting title for example like, "The attack of my crazy boss!". If your Monday is really god damn boring like mine, at least try put something like "My happy Monday that turns rotten". Does it sounds better?

4) No paragraphing & wall of text
Need I say more? Even if you really have a very exciting story to share, put them into paragrah or try to put 1 or 2 images to generate your visitor's interest. If not usually 10 visitors that click on your blog, more than 5 will leave without reading it.

5) Excessive swearing in ranting post
Yes, it's ok to rant because it's our blog after all =D But if too much of "knn, ccb, fuck..." in the entry, I read liao also SIAN! Unless you tell me it's only me who has this problem of hating to read so many valgurities in a blog entry.

Okay, I guess these 5 are the most important factors to keep visitor coming. Another most important factor is the way you write your content and this is the part where I can't teach you. Haha. Good luck =)


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you..=)

Tammie said...

very true :) XD

Jason Chow said...

Nice tips, sometimes I wonder how some bloggers can express themselves and expect people's attention with they way they present their blog.

Mr. Fatboy Slim said...

I will keep that in mind.. ;)

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