Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where got ghost? *SPOILER*

When I first heard of the movie title, the first thing that come to my mind is, "sian, another lame jokes movie from Jack Neo". I didn't plan to watch it but my bf want to and so we went to watch it yesterday. Overall it was 95% laughter, 5% horror. Haha.

This movie consist of 3 shorts story...

Roadside Got Ghost
The first story start off with these 3 medium men 'using' the ghost to cheat people's money by performing a fake ritual. The lao da (boss) among the 3 men also claime that there is no ghost in this world, they don't have to be guilty of cheating those people's money as they are just helping those people to give them a peace of their mind.

After that their lao da ask his 2 ka kia (helpers) to buy fruits for him. However, both of them forget to buy the fruits and out of convinient, they take the oranges which supposed to be an offering for the death and gave it to their lao da.

The story then continue with their lao dao came up with a brillant idea to cheat even more money. They called civilians to buy the lottery (fromt 0000 - 9999) and asking them to donate a 20 percent of their winning money, if the winning numbers open.

Towards the ending of ths story, the lao da also gets a phone call mimicking what he is doing and the winning number is 6666 and he won both the second and first prize. Due to his arrogant, he refused to believe that these numbers will given by a spirit of a granny (the ghost whom they took the oranges). In the end, he died a very terrible death. He ate the oranges that is meant for the dead and so, he is punished.

7th month tips 1: So, the next time you forget to buy fruits back, do not take fruits that are for the hungry ghost or they might just take your life away....

Forest Got Ghost
Next is an army story and they are ask to perform a topographical exercise. The reservist men are instructed not to take shortcuts. However, there are 2 stubborn men decided to go the easy way out - SHORTCUT!

After a long walk in the forest, these two men got lost in the jungle and they do not even know how to read a compass! 1 of the man, saw a female tomb and out of curiosity he walk over and even comment about her being 'pretty'. His fellow buddy keep telling him not to comment anything. For the first night, they both see a red faceless ghost and it scares the shit out of them.

Then the next day, they continued their forest walk. They were thirsty and out of nowhere, a fat lady comes along selling drinks and even offer them to go to her house for shelter as it is raining. In the house, 1 of the soilder went to peep @ the fat lady bathing and saw a horrifed scene and they quickly run away from the house but they both fall down and they saw the fat lady's tomb just right infront of them!!

The later part of the story is abit crapy due to the 'David Footballfield'. It's quite ridiculous.

7th month tips 2: Don't ever take shortcuts & if you EVER see a tomb along your way, DO NOT COMMENT ANYTHING ABOUT THEM! Or they will come after you!

House Got GhostLast story is like the continue story from the movie Money No Enough 2. This story involves the 3 brothers and their mother who has already pass away 1 year ago. 3 of them dream or saw their mother coming back to haunt them.

They feel very sick & tired that their mother did not bless them with wealth. Unlike their friend, whose mother bless him with tons of wealth.

Towards the ending, their late mother actually save the 3 brothers from a terrible landslide. And as for their wealthy friend, he get cancer and only left with 1 more month to live. This story ended in a quite heartwarming way

7th month tips 3: Your late parent may not bless with wealth but they will be watching over you, protecting you in heaven and making sure you are safe. Money is not everything, health & safety are everything that money can't buy.

Conclusion: If you want to have a good laugh and get scared at the same time, you should watch this! Your money won't be wasted!

My Rating: 4/5

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