Monday, August 31, 2009

Desserts & snacks makes you happy!

Feeling stress and unhappy? The best is to eat some deserts! Before I get the pictures rolling, here are the reason why you should eat deserts:

1) The more you resist, the more you'll end up eating more! Depriving yourself of your craving could build up your desire for it. What's worse it, you might end up gorging on MORE junk food.

2) You will end the meal with a satisfied smile. After having a not-so-great meal, a desserts or snacks can help wipe away all traces of dismay of the main meal and make you feel more satisfied too.

3) If you know you are going to have dessert or snacks, chances are youll go light on your main courses. You could end up having an overall healthier meal experience too.

4) You will feel a sense of satisfaction, especially if you made them yourself. It was an extra special day!

5) It’s a mini-celebration. Who doesn't rejoice for dessert? Put in a little more happy in your meals with a good dessert or snacks. No matter how terrible your day can get, there's always a reason to celebrate. =D

Nata de coco, Lychee and pineapple!

Tadaaa! I know this picture don't really looks appetizing.

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