Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Finger licking good!

When the match begin, my parent began to ask me.. "Where is Totti?" Lol.

Italy didn't play their best and I'm so upset when Materazzi was sent off. I thought Italy is going to go out. My dad pat me and asked me to relax before he go to bed. My mum was so funny, she knew that I'm disappointed and she kept telling me, Totti will play very soon. Lol.

I screamed like hell when the referee pointed that its a penalty!! My mum even woke up to see but she missed Totti's penalty. I pray so hard because I'm so afraid that Totti can't score as he is already under alot of pressure. Oh boy! He didn't let me down. I was jumping with joy after that.

Then there my mum went, "You see, I told you Totti will play." Haha. Ain't my mama cute? Immediately after Totti scored, Dex called me... I don't know what to say to him, I was laughing and I was so damn fricking happy on the phone. He was like in tears of joy, his voice was like trembling. He admitted he was in tear when Totti scored. Haha. Stupid boy. We both were so happy hanging on the phone and I don't know what the hell are we talking about. I was just so damn exicited!!!

Totti is my man!! HAHA!

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The Aussies really did so well to get this far. Well, the Italians better improve their game and wake up soon. Whatever people going to say about Italy... They have won so just accept the fact. You can say Grosso dived or whatever, at the same time, you can ask yourself why didn't the Aussies take advantage of the 10 men Italy to score at least a goal? At first it looked like a clear cut penatly though the replay suggests that Grosso was playing for the foul. Though Lucus was in the way so I'd say it was a 50 50 call. Some refs would give it, some won't. Though that probably evened up things as Materazzi sent off was a very bad decision.

#%#$^#% I can't understand why Lippi allows Del Piero to start. He suck so badly on the pitch! Also, why Iaquinta get to play ahead of Inzaghi again??? Canna & Buffon are still the best players on the pitch.

Now it's

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