Sunday, June 18, 2006

Italy 1- 1 USA

This is a crazy match. Even my Dad woke up in the middle of the night to watch!! The referee was throwing cards around like confetti.

Totti don't deserve the yellow at all! It was so unjustified! He was aiming the ball and not the player's leg.

De Rossi made a silly mistakes and cost himself a bad reputation and a red card! Zaccardo's own goal was a SO DUMB! He really suck at that. He is too young and inexperience! Gosh! I can't imagine 4 years later, when Canna and Nesta retired from the national team!! If only human don't grow old. I miss Maldini in the old Azzurri team.

Gila disappeared after the goal, I think he's the one who should've been subbed and not Toni. Iaquinta was bad today, shouldn't Super Pippo be playing instead of him? Maybe Oddo & Camoranesi should play for the next match? Get rid of Zaccardo and bring in Oddo!

Italy couldn't finish off the 9 men USA team. I'm disappointed with my boys. I can't say Italy deserve to win, a draw is fair enough.

The Americans looks like they are playing American football. James was equally pissed off as me and he said this to me, "F the Americans!" Yea, Fuck the Americans! LOL. No offence though.

On the other side, Gila cut his hair!! The heat over at Germany must be unbearable. Also,the way he celebrated his gaol by kneeling and pretending to play the violin was so cuteee. This is the only thing that can make myself happy -.-

Ghana’s 2-0 victory over the Czech Republic was a major shocked. In Group E, any of the teams could still qualify. Italy will be through on top if they win against Czech. A shock First Round exit will be something that I don't wish to see. By hook or by crook Italy has to win the Czech!


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