Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Italy 2 - 0 Ghana

Ghana make the boys worked very hard to win the game. Credit to Ghana who played extremely well considering their opposition. Essien was the only player doing all the shooting... and he's moves were easily read by Cannavaro and Nesta. I didn't like Essien's attitude (fouls, elbows, etc). Great game by both of them. Del Piero looks like his career is ending for the Azzurri, sorry to say that but it's so true.

Not forgetting to mention that my dear Pirlo's goal was amazing!!

Pirlo's goal celebration is priceless. He repeatedly kissed his ring... One for his son, wife and the God. Aww.. What about me? Lol.

I wish Gila score too .. but he was unlucky .. just like in champions league games with Milan .. I am sure he will score soon.. in the next game!! Toni looks like he is always hungry for goal, hmmm he was unlucky not to score too. Totti took powerful a freekick but too bad the ball was caught by the GK.

Aw... I just love their way of celebrating.

*Look at the last picture* Canna looks like a little boy over there.

At the end of match, Totti was so sweet.. He kept comforting his fellow Roma's teammates, Kuffour. On the other side...Totti got a new hair cut!!

Haha. He looks like a new schoolboy! Lol! No longer that "Zhen dian" but I still like him. Hohoho!

During the match, James and I were exchanging smses about the match. At the end of the match, James joked that he smsed me more than his gf. Lol.


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