Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hot or cold

Why is it always cold the early morning and hot in the afternoon and night? This morning the weather is so cold that I felt like I was being frost-bitten.

Here something HOT for me too de-frost. LOL.

I am supposed to meet James tonight for dinner but I was too lazy to get my butt off my chair so I told him that I'm not feeling too well. Oh no! I'm such a liar. Haha. You know, there are moments that you don't really feel like going out.

Suddenly, I felt like everything is failing and falling on me. My memory is failing, I can't remember did I buy the blue-tack or not. If I have already buy it, then where the hell it is. I don't even know alot of things!! My "Roma" & "Pirlo" fall off my wall yesterday night. Is it there is some kind of bad sign coming? Oh no... I hope it's just that Im thinking too much. Haha.

I read the following at friendster about my today's horoscopes:

The Bottom Line
Your latest triumph has got people noticing you more. Revel in this attention.

In Detail
The buzz around you is rising to a fever pitch and people you thought didn't even know your name are giving you a lot of attention. You have a unique energy that is pulling people toward you, and that magnetic effect will pull in some people with real power. Match everyone smile for smile and be more outgoing than usual. You could really make the most of this newfound popularity, if you just buy into your own fabulousness -- for once!


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