Sunday, June 25, 2006

Oh Grace? Grace again?

Thursday, Friday and Saturday! I have been seeing Grassy's face for consecutive 3 days!!!! Well, it's don't seem to matter. I think I don't mind seeing her face. LOL.

I shall recap the 3 days....

Eh... Where the hell did we go? Lol. Oh yea, we went to Bishan. We met at Silly hall... Then here comes my 20 cents comments about SPY's new Zara top. My first look at her, I was like..."Is that her?" Haha. She slowly begins to step out of her aunty shadow eh? Hm... That's a good sign.

Other than her clothes, I don't seem to remember anything. OH NO! My memory is failing!! I can't even remember what we ate there.

Yea..Yea... I remembered Italy WON and I promised to give them a treat.

We went to Silly hall again! Erm.. Just to get my Italy jersey printed with Pirlo's name. Well well... The Indian uncle told me that they only has his number, his name is gone! Then he showed me other names that was available... No Cannavaro and I don't want Totti's name. Lol. So I told him that I wanted Gilardino. That uncle was so funny. Upon seeing my disappointed face, he said:" Gilardino is also a good man." I really wanted to laugh.. To me, that's just so so so so so funny. Haha.

After that we went to T... My memory is really failing... I kept thinking about "Tanjong Pagar". Ermmm... T... What the hell is the place? Someone plesse help me.... Ok, it's just somewhere that's not near to my house. That's also the place where I went broke. Haha. Well, it's ok that once in a very long long while that I treat them. We didn't talk alot in Sakae eh? Hm... Where has the story-teller gone?

After that I bought a Winnie the Pooh t-shirt!! HAHA. OOps! All because of Grassy! At the same time, I found out something that make me angry. #%#$^#$% Stupid school. The student there get the piority and those who got transferred don't get it? AARGH!!

Oh no! I'm seeing Grassy again. Ok.. We went for the concert. It was so damn cold there. *Burrrrr* The drama was terrible and horrible. I don't know what the hell are they acting about.. .BORING.... Chior was BORING... Only band was good and I only like it when they play the song, "Dancing Queen" and "Mama mia". I felt like singing, "mama mia, here we go again, my my, how much I miss you. Mama mia now I really know, my my, I will never let you go..." Haha!

So the side note, Kevin Richardson has decided and declared that he has left the Backstreet boys. Awww... Thanks for the 13 years =)

For now.. it's hey hey.. bye bye...

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