Friday, June 16, 2006

Piu Bello

Woohaaa.. I spent another $20 on clothes!! OMG! I'm geting broke! Anyway, before we end the day, we sat at the food court and chatted for around 1 hour? It was nice and I hope we can talk more. Haha.

SPY was asking me about my crush. She then bring out that Dex again. -.- I have no crush on him please! LEMME TELL YOU!! My crush is always from ITALY!!! FOREVER AND EVER! I don't mind if you mention that Vampire! =D

Although the lighting makes him looks like he has white hair, I still LURRVE this photo and of cos him! I looked through the Sport Week magazine, all the yandaos & Shuaigeis od Italy is there but no Totti =(

HOOO... I got a new layout up over here.

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