Friday, June 23, 2006

Italy 2 - 0 Czech

I'm so happy for my boys last night! I was screaming like mad everytime they scored. Luckily, yesterday the match started at 10pm. It wasn't so late like 3am. XD Anothing thing... Happy to know that SPY was watching too. HAHA.

Few pointers here.
+They are playing a new formation and I'm so worry for them.Poor Gila, he didn't seem to get any ball from the midfielders but well thankfully, they won after all.
+ Materazz scored! I hated it when he came on to the pitch! I thought he was going to give away penalty like 2 years ago, but it never came.
+ Canna & Buffon was rock solid at the back. I know I can relied on them to do the job.
+ Though I was happy that Pippo scored, still I just wanna said, he missed several other good chance to score.
+ Seem like Totti was trying his best last night, he got a few shot saved by the GK...Those shot are rather weak....Just hope to see him score real soon to silence those haters.
+ Gattuso got a yellow card for nothing!

We're meeting Gus Hiddink agin!!! Erm.. I mean Australia. I can never forget what happen 4 years ago.It's time for some revenge!

I'm too happy that I'm gonna give Monz a treat..erm excluding Ht. Lol.

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