Thursday, June 15, 2006

Football mania

Maybe next time I shall comment after all the matches that I have watched. LOL. Imgaine my blog is flooded with ONLY comments of those football matches!!!!!! However so far I think I have been considerate. Lol. My friends who is reading... maybe during the world cup season, it's not a good time to read my blog. =p

Spain 4 - 0 Ukraine

So far, it was the WORST lost ever! I start to wonder how the hell did Ukraine qualify. Is it because Turkey, Greece and Denmark are too lousy or is it Spain is too good for them. Everyone was predicting a draw because Spain has been playing badly, I guess the Spaniards have prove the critics wrong. Sheva was totally nothing nothing much today. Too bad for him, he got no support. No good ball was pass to him either. Anyway, this group (Spain, Ukraine, Tunisia & Saudi Arabia) doesn't really has any good team other than Spain so Ukraine still has a pretty much chance to qualify.

Saudi Abrabia 2 - 2 Tunisia
James said if Saudi can win, pigs can fly and his surname will follow mine. LOL. Too bad that didn't happen.

All the previous matches I shall not recap because it's already 2-3 days back. XD I shall do that the next time.

Going out today! It's time to get my jersey printed with Pirlo's name & no.

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