Saturday, October 17, 2009

My favourite cooking experience!

Nuffnang Movie Contest

Personally, my favourite cooking experience should be the day whereby I decided to cook western food for my Da Xiang (who else? My bf =P)! When you see those pictures you will definitely thinks, "Wao liew! You call these western food? Everything is like 1 dish by itself. What is it sia!" This is exactly what I thought too. I don't really know what I'm doing, I just basically cook whatever I know and it's just for fun! Haha. You know, I'm not a "cooking person" so the person who gets to eat my food should count themselves lucky. Hahaha.

I already tried to cook same thing for 2 days. LOL. Anyway, just let the pictures speaks for itself :)

The colour looks nicer than the 1st attempt but... The chicken was harder =/

This is what it happen after cooking the chicken. Haha.

My personal favorite and the most successful 1.

Baked potatoes with ham, cheese and bacon! =D

Overall, it's really a fun experience even though my cooking looks kinda horrible =P
Oh yea, remember to catch the Movie, 'Julie & Julia' in Cinemas 15th Oct!


Kennee said...

Wah... not bad wor... i think the last dish the baked potatoes with ham, cheese and bacon... the most success in terms of cantek la... XD

[мя]Nigel said...

Hey thanks for commenting :)
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