Thursday, October 22, 2009

Argh! Someone cracked my laptop screen!!!!!


I was away just for a day and the freaking cleaner auntie did this to my work laptop!!!! Everyday, I will put my token and a pen on the laptop and go off from my work place. Please note that I always leave my laptop open as there's a laptop lock. THEN... to my horror, when I reached my workplace yesterday SOMEBODY CLOSED MY LAPTOP! I qucikily flipped the laptop open and... SAW THE DAMN CRACK!!! ARGH!

My colleague said yesterday the cleaner auntie was cleaning the table and well... the auntie just happily closed the laptop without thinking the THICKNESS of the token. %$^$%&$%&$ It's not like I want the scold those poor cleaner auntie but this is abit too much! Why can't they just put my laptop to 1 side before they clean it, why does she has to CLOSED my laptop without removing my token! You know, she just spoil the new laptop like that! Although it's more my laptop, I always use this for my work and it's 1 of the fastest laptop as compared to my other colleagues (HAHA.)

Look at right side of the screen. Poor laptop. (Ya, I know I'm playing Cafe world. Lol)

A clearer picture of the crack. *sigh*

Anyway, last night my colleagues and I went Crystal Jade to eat La Mian. The main purpose of this is actually for my boss's farewell dinner. Hmmm oh well... Anyway, I ordered Beef La Mian with Ma La and peanut sauce. It's yummy! =D

After that, I went Neverland with Wang Wang, Kai, Shaun, Nick & LK. It's the first time I went there and I finally get to see how Tanny look in real life. Haha. Before all the performance start, we sat there and play some random games. The performances by those Thai singer is not too bad. There is 1 male singer looks quite yandao and I asked LK if she will spent $ and 'tiao hua' for him.

Too bad I didn't take photo but Wang do. Haha. I didn't take those photos from him thou as it's like just some random snapping of us. He took a photo of me and Kai and both of us were like closing our eyes -__- Then LK was like every excited about taking photos with me and Shaun.

That night alone Wang spent $250 to 'tiao hua' for the Thai singer, Tanny. Wahaha. Then the 'tiao hua' lady came and asked Kai to 'tiao' for the girls, he did not want to spend any money, then he start to act like as if he is my bf and he told the lady that he can't 'tiao' or else I will get angry. He then added by saying, "don't make us quarrel ah." . Haha. Damn funny.

I guess the most surprise part was seeing Shaunie spent $50 to 'tiao hua' on Tanny too! Haha. He is someone who don't really spend alot of money so it's like an 'wow' thing for us.

Anyway, we all have fun. =D


Kennee said...

OMG... ya laptop screen... T_T so kelian la you...

kenwooi said...

wow.. that's bad..
i'd be furious too! =D

S said...

Ouch.. That hurts.. I'll be furious and sad too.. But what's done is done.

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