Thursday, October 15, 2009

21 lesson learn in my 21 years of life

1) Always look on sunshine side of life instead of the gloomy sky

There's a Chinese saying, "一种米,养百种人” (Litterally translate will be, "1 type of rice, breed different types of people with different personalities.) So in this world, there are usually these 2 types of people.

1st type are those like try to enjoy their life no matter how bad their situation is, these type of people usually tend to look forward and enjoy their life while i last. Then the 2nd type of people is those who always complaint about every little things and making life difficult for themselves.

Well, to me life is short why bother and keep whinning non stop. No one owes me a living, I will treasure whatever I have know and keep moving forward. Yes! I'm happy =D

2) Accept the uniquely you (not unique Singapore. Haha)

I used to think that "WHY MY BRAIN JUST SUCK @ NUMBERS!!" or things like, "wao lao, how come my nose there got a red birthmark". Sometimes certain things you just can't change the way it is. Why fight it? just got to accept who I am and I believe I have both uniqueness of my strength and weakness.

3) People come and go but true friends & family stays on (ok include my bf too. LOL)

Those who claim to be your bestfriend but fight and argue with you over small things and REFUSED to admit their mistakes and even if it's not their mistakes they REFUSED to talk it out and solve the problem or accept your apology. They just keep whining about the issue. Such friend will never last because they are just full of themselves. My advice is, leave such people alone. You deserve better!

I believe true friends and your family will always be around you whenever you need them. A friend in need is a friend indeed. I think this is very simple to understand.

4) Life is just a temporary assignment given to all.

Life is just fleeting and temporary. Enjoy while you you. Treasure whatever you have and the people around you because you never know when they will leave you or perhaps it's you, yourself might just leave one day. Why bear so much grudges and make your life miserable?

For me, I try to have a hot & spicy MacChicken whenever I can. Hoho! Do what you love to do and eat whatever you like to eat now! (But I'm still scared of getting fatter! LOL)

5) Stretch out your life!

Take abit of a risk in your life won't kills you. I didn't ask you to go for a bungee jum, I merely just mean that just go ahead and do things that you never try before!

Just like me & my friend, Grassy, before we went KL, we know nuts about that place. (Ok not so true for me I been there before when I was very young. Haha) We just relied on a map and embark on our journey. It's really fun and it's something I never really did before.

Life is too short for us to scared about this and that.

6) Life is not like a bed of roses.

Wake up!! This is a real world!! Things won't be always going smoothly for you. So never take things for granted.

7) What goes around comes around

The day I came back to Singapore from KL, I sat a taxi back and this taxi driver is definitely it's very enlightening trip. He chatted alot with my bf and this is 1 of the He told us, "Sometimes you may be cheated by people or someone out there try to cheat you, it's ok, but never attempt to cheat others. 人在做,天在看 (whatever bad deeds you did, the God is looking and they know)." In simple, he just means there's karma!

Never try to harm others, things might just get back to you!

8) Land a extra helping hand.

Aha! I learn this from Grassy during the KL trip. Help others who needed your help and who knows when you need help on some other day, someone else might just help you back.

Helping people doesn't means that you have to do BIG things. Simple things like helping someone to pick up their coins when they drop it is doing a favour for someone too. =)


Alright I can only think of 8 lesson for now, I will continue more tomorrow. Perhaps I will look more into relationship with friends and whoever rather than keep talking about life. Haha.

To end this post, I just wanna say... HOHO! Da xiang bought me a necklace for our 10th month.


Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said...

Your no.1 lesson is very important for many people: Always be positive and look things at the bright side..99% of my friends especially the girls (no offense ya) are very negative.always complain here and there...good blog posting

Kennee said...

Hi there again... I like the What comes around come around phrase... Lovely post... ^^
Btw, nanged ya post on innit and also clicked on ya ads oredi err again... ^^

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