Saturday, October 24, 2009

Prolong period of not driving, I'm a noob again

After I have stopped learning from the private after 2 lesson, I felt like a noob again when I have my first lesson with BBDC. My speed control wasn't good, probably because I didn't drive on the circuit before or maybe perhaps under private, at the beginning I already can speed up to 40-50khm/h. So to start driving at 20km/h, I can't control the speed. I feel like I'm going too slow. Argh! I need more practice!

I think my turning of steering wheel is kinda bad. Haha. But well, at least I finally get to hold my wheels independently! Under private, the instructor keep holding on to my wheels and I don't get to feel like how much turning I should go when reaching the bend. Towards the ending, I think I get just a little bit better but still vast room of improvement is needed!

The instructor was nice and patient but I guess he was laughing at me on how I turn my steering wheel. I obviously have forgotten how the correct technique to turn the steering wheel. I knew he was like giggling but it's ok! I know it's my fault. (although I know it's ok to be a noob for the first lesson).

So for the first lesson, I only gone through 3 stages. I will be doing my steering techniques again for my next lesson. I believe that he feel that I still cannot make it for the steering.

I hope somebody will cancel their slot in October so I can take more. If not my next lesson is like 2 weeks later =(


fann shaun chan said...

hi kristin

when i learnt my instructor taught me the push and pull technique.

eg turning right, left hand push the steering wheel and right hand pull the steering wheel at the same time. i still use it nowadays and also for daytona :)

good luck!


Kristin said...

Thanks shaunie! I think the instructor felt that I already knew how to drive since I have taken 2 lesson with the private b4. He didnt really teach me how to use the steering wheel from the scratch but I have already forgot the right way to do it. Haha

Hpility said...

haha yes yes! i got the same feel as you...something like hong xin da jiang... =D

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