Friday, October 30, 2009

Brainy job Versus non-brainy job

I have a little chat with Wang Wang and it’s quite a fruitful one even thou it’s just a short conversation.

He said to get promotion in a department; the most important thing is NETWORK (kao guan xi). No matter how hardworking the person may be, without any luck or good relation with the boss, it’s not easy to get promoted. Blah blah… then we go on saying about so and so being unlucky not to get promoted and such.

Then we talk about XX and he mentioned that she used to be from Call Centre. I then mentioned that being in a Call Centre suck because of the rotating shift but he beg to differ. He said what suck is not because of the shift, it’s because it’s a no brain job. After working for 1-2 years, you will find that all the calls that come in are about the same old thing but then, there’s nothing to learn anymore.

Why I didn’t realize that? I quit Nu Skin after 1 year plus, why? Because I already know everything – all the customer complaints etc etc etc. Oh well… He is totally spot on. Why I never think of that.

I also asked him, he given the same salary for 2 different jobs, 1 is very free and 1 is very busy and you will learn new things, which he prefers. He said he will choose the one that will learn something. Reason is, if the previous job is so ba long long, what makes you think that your next employer will hire you? Wow. So true again.

So what is a brainy job? A job that requires you to think and the must not be an operational job. Then I asked him so what job Is better, he mention marketing as 1 of the job, the rest I can’t remember.

Alright, time to get my brain working...

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