Friday, October 30, 2009

Smile! Because it brighten up your day.

Im so uninspired to blog anything. My brain is empty. Anyway, I was late for work today and so I took a cab. This cab driver was interesting. He seems to be a very happy go lucky guy. He told me that working life is hard but we have to learn to take things lightly and smile always. Haha. That's what I do all the time.

Some people just take things very hard and end up make things difficult for others. What worse is, this type of people will give a 'black' face when they are not in the mood and they EXPECT others to behave like them. HELLO! Some people may not be in the best of the mood but they are still cheerful on the outside. Those sulky people simply just imply that those cheerful people got no problem at all. They are so childish! *pui* Either they are too naive or they just think that happy people can always solve their problem without thinking or stressing about it. They are just so narrow minded at times.

See! I'm the yellow head!
Smile always even though shit happens! What about you? Choosing the blue guy or the yellow guy? =)

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