Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lunch at Crystal Jade

Last Saturday, my mother was off and it's a rare opportunity that the whole family to go out and have a meal together so I suggest that we should eat at Crystal Jade because I have the $30 voucher. Wahaha.

My mum and my sister! Look her my sis funny face. Hehe.

The appetizer. Doesn't really looks appertizing to me. I'd prefer if it's a peanuts! Haha.

The drunkard chicken. When you drink the soup base, it tasted really like wine. I like it!

Father's beef noodle. Yummy!

Sis's hot and sour noodle. It's really very hot!

My watermelon juice! I guess I'm affected by Grassy. Lol. They serve really pure watermelon, no ice or sugar added =D

Hagao! The photo is blurry because I snap it while it's still steaming hot. Haha.

Xiao long bao!! I think Crystal Jade's is better than Ding Tai Fung!

Siew mai! My favourite!

Chicken leg. My mama ordered this.

Fu pi juan! I like it too.

Overall it's quite satisfying for me. 9/10 for the food. The only thing I dislike is WHY can't they only clear our table when we have finished everything?!! So irritating.


Kennee said...

Wow..all looks so sedapz~~~
nanged and adclicked ya post d...XD

Christina said...

wah kao.. my pic soooo er sin