Thursday, March 20, 2008

Words of wisdom

Seeing the shattered self-confidence of depressed people, many new-age creeds attempt to cure the problem with the philosophy of “love yourself first.” But this is the cause, not the cure. “If you want to be happy, you should never seek to please yourself.” Instead, we should seek to please others.If we ask, "But, don’t I have to protect myself from suffering?” “If you wish to be protected, you should constantly protect all others.” The prescription for happiness is to forget yourself and love others. The more we look after our family and friends, the more they will care for us. It is so simple, so obvious, but we have to do it. Not just our family and friends; our purpose in life should be to protect every living being from suffering. When this attitude is supported by wisdom, we will never know unhappiness.

I actually got this from HWZ - EDMW. Lol. Well, I just find it kinda meaningful

Oh gosh. Im rotting bit by bit every little single sec that I'm sitting here. Why there isn't any task given to me yet! I'm really going to bored to death!

This morning, I found a French toast at my dinning table! Too bad, the french toast wasn't for me. I almost wanted to steal it and hide it inside my bedroom so that the owner can't find it. Wahaha. Talking about food reminds me of last night. My heartless sis didn't want to cook for me when I called her up and I told her that I am not feeling well, perhaps due to my gastric again. Instead of telling me yes or no, if she will be cooking for me, she was asking why I didn't ta bao back etc. -_-"' When I reached home, she was actually relaxing and watching TV. I even more
-_-''''''''' Well, luckily I'm not on the verge of dying. Lol. So I will just forgive and forget.

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