Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My days are numbered...

18 more days to Economics Exam
31 more days to Accounts Exam
32 more days to last day @ SGH

Times flew as fast as I could catch up with them again. Sigh. How I wish I could run ahead of time. Looking at the calendar, my working days are really numbered. I'm kinda happy and sad thou. Sometimes I felt I should stay but the thought of heading back to Henderson makes me feel sick. -_-

BTW, my previous image of my model, I label the model wrongly. It supposed to be W910i. Lol. Thanks to the busybody who spotted it. =p

I have been sick for days. I blame the weather this time. I have been taking NPL. Boohoohoo. This means I will be bring home less money for the month or March. I guess I will be earning $0 from mid March all the to around May or June. Maybe I will look for some temp. job. Well at least this way I will then have more time to study. After I left my job on 15th April, I will be a full time gamer. Wahahhaa. Back to the younger days... How I idle my time away... Nah. I guess I will study harder. IT'S NOT EASY TO WORK AND STUDY! So I hope HT don't follow my footsteps! *ahem* Words of wisdom from a wise girl. =x

Tomorrow is SPY's birthday! I already got her a present but I guess I will still go browse at other items since I won't be seeing her till 25th. Hopefully, it's 25th...because no one has reply me after I sent out my sms >.<

I shall blog till here and time to change the blog layout for Monz's blog!

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