Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Am I the reason?

How amazing! The new satff left in less than a week! Lol. Apparently, my boss told me that she asid that the job is not siutable for her. I thought she is ok and willing to learn even though she is a computer nuts. Lol. Perhaps, it's because I'm not leaving anymore so they have to send her away? Oh no! I might be the one who cause her to lose her job!

My boss decision or her decision to leave shattered my and the others' dreams!!! For them, they thought I will have 1 person to cover my job when I'm on leave, for Saturday and etc. For me, I thought.... dammit! Lol. Alright, I guess there must be a way. I shall complaint if there is too much calls coming in. Lol. Complaints FTW!!

Actually, it's kinda sad for me not just because that I lose my "future hand" but also a chat buddy. Hehe. Well, I have to depend on my MSN again.

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