Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Words of wisdom from big head's big fat logic

ΘЖ Ġrassy ЖΘ says:
when u r at island A and wana go B.. human nature is to take e shortest route... n it so happens to be against the waves... n u get angry.... but if u relax and look at the waves move... u realise hw it works.. n then u follow e waves in such a way it helps to bring u to island B
ΘЖ Ġrassy ЖΘ says:
takes abit more time.. but gets u wat u wan

ΘЖ Ġrassy ЖΘ says:
then e anger one is..

ΘЖ Ġrassy ЖΘ says:
when u wan things to be done in a certain way.. u set ur guidelines n all... u know it wld work... but the other fella just dont agree.. then u need to take a bigger view.. (step back n look) to realise the fella's way of working.. then work along it to direct them to what u wan..

ΘЖ Ġrassy ЖΘ says:
example.. u noe e client likes blue alot... but u like green n hate blue.. so u die die stick with green.. n e client n u cannt agree to wateva terms it is.. then u needa take a step back to see tat e fella is a blue freak.. so u change.. n work with blue.. so that e fella understands... then when u can get along with e fella... then u slowly change to green


Thanks to Grass the wise for the lesson. I find these quite meaningful. However, I think I need to think about how to apply them in my situation. Words are easy but real action is so much hard. Perhaps I just need to install my brain with better software so I can think better and wiser like Grassy?

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