Friday, March 14, 2008

Im back to hell!

Oh gosh! Someone read my blog! I don't know how he managed to but he just did. I just wanna say, HEY YOU BUSYBODY! Lol. I hope you don't get offended in 1 way or another. We all are good brothers right? Well, I'm not good at explaining. I just hope you understand and don't get the negative ideas. Anything just find me to talk ok? =D

Anyway, I'm back to Henderson for no good reason! WTH man, my boss send me back to Henderson to dur more net? I rather stay in SGH to surf net and talk cok with those guys there. Boo hoo hoo. Martin asked me if I will go back to join them for lunch. I was like "duh! How can that be." Then TH added that Martin should drive his bike to Henderson and drive me back to SGH. Wahaha. That will be fun but it's impossible! Well, I think I have to find my "long lost brother" to eat everyday again. *sigh* I just realized I got more and more "brothers". lol. Mama! Why am I born as a girl!

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