Sunday, March 9, 2008


I'm sick! I'm down with fever and sore throat. Boo hoo hoo. I wonder if it's someone who pass the virus to me. I'm having this sickness since Friday. Hmm... I wonder if I'm really sick because I still went out on Sat and play WoW till 2am. Haha.

I thought I can sleep longer but this morning my botak boss called me but I didn't pick up the phone because I know why he called. Lol. I quickly get up did what he wanted and sent him. I pretended that I have already send on Sat and so I blame the lotus notes for being lousy. Lol.

Anyway, I went to watch 10,000BC yesterday. It is really a nice movie. Ya know I'm bad at reviewing a movie these days. Lol. So no spoiler but you should watch it!!

Then we went to 'Bi Fong Ta
The menu...
The duck noodle was really yummy. The duck meat was very tender and easy to chew!

Talking about good food... I shall say something about PastaMania. I went to the outlet at PS with my colleagues last Friday and found out that they got a new menu. So wow, I decided to try the Unagi Pasta or something like that. IT IS REALLY AWFUL with not much of a tast. Yucks. I stil prefer my baked rice.

Anyway, I got a new Sony Ericsson phone last Sunday! It's really damn chio

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