Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cleavage seen on MRT

Yesterday was indeed a bad Monday. I wore a stupid heels that gave me blister all over my feet!! Alright so here we go!!! When the train came, I went in and it was filled with people from all works of life. I stood in the middle of the cabin, then there was this young lady, erm... a little bit fat but I guess those looks more like her baby fats. Hehe.

So she sat infront of me with her huge assets. I was like what an eye candy for me and those guys. After that, there was another tall & smart looking man stood beside me. This lady, suddenly lean forward and started reading her newspaper. She was like trying to squeeze her whole ball out just for the guy to see. Oh yea, her bra was showing out too. I think I saw tissues inside her bra, hmmm I'm not sure. You should see and judge for yourself. Haha.

Click on image for a larger view

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dblchin said...

wow, you got some eye candy going on! haha

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