Thursday, July 2, 2009

Unlucky or not?

Hurhur! My blog title sounds kinda nasty. Anyway, I just feel kinda bad luck todfay and so here are the list of "unlucky" or so called suay happening...

1) In the morning, my alarm rang and I switch it off! End up I woke up @ 8am and I'm late for work.

2) Well, today I took a 1/2 day leave because I needed to go to ICA to do a IC replacement as I lost my IC after a watching Drag me to hell. -___- My IC went to hell too.

3) I was so damn busy this morning and I got hell lotsa things to do as compare to other days... Why oh why... and this makes me can't leave office @ 12pm sharp!

4) Dear was equally busy and therefore he wasn't on time to fetch me to ICA. Normally, he was quite free eh. I was quite pissed at that time.

5) 1pm, I called my dear and asked if he was ready but he didn't pick up the phone. %#$% When I tried to call again, my phone battery went flat.... BOO!

6) In the end I just flag for a cab. In the cab, I change my phone battery and I called my dear and he said he was ready to come and fetch me... WTH! When I hung up, I saw 2 sms from my dear. The message was saying that he was ready to come and meet me. OMG the messages were sent when my phone was dead! $%%%%##@@% if I recieved it earlier I won't take a cab!!!

7) The damn cab fare cost me $9.80. It's not like I'm damn poor but the money paid just to go ICA to report loss of IC is not worth it!! >_< style="font-weight: bold;">3:45pm but IT WAS 3:15PM!! WTF!

9) I went in and told the invigilator I went to ICA to report loss of IC and therefore I was late. I show her the slip of paper but she refuse to let me take the test. T_T She said this slip of paper need to have a photo and a stamp from ICA then it's valid to take the test. If not I need to bring my passport. I looked at the time, I know it's too late to go back home to take my IC. Boohoohoo... There goes my $6

10) .................... What you think I'm gonna be so unlucky for the whole day?!

At the end of the day. after all these stupid unlucky things, I thought my day really sucks! But I sat down and think about it again, I'm not that unlucky after all. In fact, I'm actually glad that whenever I'm down, I know I will always has someone to accompany and comfort me.

Thank you dear! =)

I came home and I got my mama who was preparing for dinner for the family. What more can I ask for?

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