Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's sad so sad...it's a sad sad situation

So sad to hear the news that I might have to work for like 7 days this week. =( How much I wish the project will end earlier.

Work sucks so badly, I do hope in other area I do get my happiness. You may see that my blog is always posted with lovey dovey stuff but I do have my own sadness. I always refrain myself from typing it out because I feel the more I write about it, the more sian I am. I just his parent will just appreciate my efforts.... Maybe the things I did for your son you won't see it but at least if anything that happen, please don't always blame and point finger at me. It's very sickening!

Alright put that aside.

I hope meet the Monz gang soon for durians!!!! OMG! When then I will have time to meet them. I felt so sian that I have to keep change or delay our meeting date.

Well, I went for an interview @ my aunt's workplace yesterday. The interview questions was kind of expected because my aunt did give me tips. Wahaha. Abit kelong right? But overall, I don't think I did a good job. Maybe because this job is not what I really want. I feel like I'm just there for the interview because my aunt recommanded it to me and therefore I just give it a try.

As for the interview session, I didn't make alot of effort as compare to other jobs that I previously got into. haha. I htink the main reason is because I HOPE I DON'T GET THIS JOB! Yes, sales job earns you a big buck but I actually don't quite like it. Haha. =P


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