Monday, July 13, 2009

Money can buy you love?

Last week, I have this conversation with my colleague about if they will rather have 'bread' or 'love'. For me, I will definitely choose LOVE! Reason being when there's love, you will have more motivation to work towards the goal together. Even if we ain't that filthy rich but at least we have each other =) Love is like giving you the unlimited source of wealth and maybe your good health. Haha.

For those that choose BREAD, yes, you may be rich but without love are you truly happy? 1 of my colleague said, when a person is rich, girls will comes to him automatically. He may be right but are those girls truly love him or just for his money? You may be rich, who knows you might die without knowing what love is. Without love, even with all the money in the world, you are still lonely. So I rather have love than bread. Well, at least that's my honest piece of comment.

On top of that, another colleague mentioned that his female friends mentioned to him that its okay to have or to married to a big fat hideous guy, as long as he is filthy rich, the love can slowly captivate. They believe that when there's money, there's love. *pui* My ass. I can't imagine myself sleeping or have sex with a fat guy or errr... someone I don't even love! WTF are these girls thinking. Maybe for some girls, booze, diamonds and dollars makes them their world go round.

Anyway, today when I was on my way to work, I saw a Volkswagen on the road. I was like... Woah! Nice car. Then I look at the female passenger, I was like again... Woah! What a young pretty lady, so fortunate of her. Then I turned and look at the driver. I was horrified! He totally looked like Eric Cartman from the Southapark!!!!


*puke* At least the guy from Southpark is cute and got some sense of humor unlike that fat guy who sat in the car. He was slouching and his ass is too huge for the car seats. His fats from his belly is like a big chunk of pork belly. It look soggy and I felt like it's gonna fell off to the ground anytime. *gross*

I guess, money is really everything for some girls or at least that's my assumption.

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