Sunday, July 19, 2009

Not so paradise

After so much of postponing due to my work, finally last night, I got to met up with my fellow monz to have steamboat buffet together!

We have our dinner @ Tian Fu or you can call it, Paradise on Earth . There is 1 our of 老地方。 It used to be located at Tiong Bahru but after that they moved to Katong. This is like the 3rd or fourth time we have our steamboat there. Last night I then realized they have opened another stall just across the street.

Well, not only the location has moved, the price has also moved up! *Booo!* Last time there was NO GST CHARGES! That's was probably why it used to be much cheaper. Futhermore, I was made to pay for the 2 jar of lime juice because I was late but I didn't say that I'm want to pay for all those miscellaneous fees! Poor me! Got cheated by them! *hmpx* I shall not bring any single cent out the next time. Haha.

In the recipet it states, "pickles" as appetizer but it's not even pickles, it's peanuts lorh! Btw, pickles and peanuts which is more expensive?

The ermm, sour chili sauce. Grassy ate 3 small plate of this! She still claimed that the chili sauce evapourate too fast. Haha.

Our 1st round. The bad point about eating there was for example, if you ask for 4 plates of golden mushroom, they will serve you 2 plates and if you ask for 2 plates of prawn, they will serve you 1 plate and they story goes on...

*boiling* Probably the best part was the satay soup base.

The greedy spy misses her meat too much and so she tried to eat them up without having it to be cook first.

Not sure what Tofu was waiting for at that point of time. Waiting to be serve or waiting for the guys from the next table to come over and say, "hi!" HAHA.

1 golden rule when you go out with me. YOU CAN'T ESCAPE MY CAMERA! I thought grassy should has already know about this. After so many years of knowing me, she still makes the same mistakes. Haha.

In conclusion, the price, the food and the service are not worth the money and really not so paradise after all. I doubt I will go there for steamboat buffet again.

After dinner, SPY & Tofu went back home. Boo! They took a cab, which means that their wallet are filled with money. They should have pay more. Haha. After that only left me & grassy. I followed her home as I wanted to buy some durains for my parent! It's the durain season after all. What's even better? Grassy decided to treat me! And of cos her treat also means that her father is paying for it.

Her father is really a joker. It's rather entertaining to see him choosing the durains and how they play the "shooting" game with the stall holder. I stood there like some ah toot and was laughing away. I also learned something new. Sometimes the more cheaper the durains, the nicer they are. Haha. Okay, don't read too much into that sentance. =)

The more yellowish one are really sweet but my favorite is still the one with bitter taste.

Thanks to the Leong family for the durains. I got a bucket full of durains home! =D

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