Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Top 10 types of people that irritates me!

Don't get offended if any of the following resemble you. =P This is just my opinions after all.

1) When someone phones me repeatedly when I'm busy and I didn't pick it up. When I tried to call back, the person didn't pick up the phone. DUH!

2) Anyone calls or sms me early in the morning when I'm on leave! I mean, HELLO! I AM ON LEAVE! Please let me sleep!

3) A bimbo trying to act as if that she is both smart and pretty.

4) People who can't follow simple instruction when I have already tell them the steps clearly!

5) People who keep giving excuses and keep trying to explain why they are not wrong but in actual fact everyone knows that he/she is wrong!

6) Guys who are already in their 30s and still flirting with young ladies.

7) Girls who keep saying that she is fat when she is already thinner than me! If she is fat then I'm what? Super fat?

8) Haters who leave hate messages on tagboard scolding how nasty the owner of the blog is but in the first place the hater is no saint either. Blog suppose to be a place to rant isn't it? Who are they to lecture the blog owner? Everyone has their own opinions right?

9) People who keep asking me questions when I'm already dead tired!!!

10) People who try to be a busybody and interrupt others conversation by asking, "what is it, what is it ar?"

How about you? I bet everyone has their own list on the types of people that irritates them. Haha.

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YongWei said...

i think i am fitting in all 10 descriptions

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