Friday, March 12, 2010

Jerk Neo Wayang Scandal

I bet everyone has already saw the press conference video of the Jack Neo yesterday. I kinda pity the wife. It's already sad enough that her husband cheated and she still has to endure all the nonsense from the paparazzi. I don't care if the whole conference thingy is scripted or whatever, it is JUST NOT RIGHT FOR MEN TO CHEAT!! The wife is working so hard for the children, family and yet the husband still go out to play with other young chicks! *spit*

Also, I won't pity Wendy Chong at all! She said that she wanna expose this scandal to the media because she wanna warn this to other girls. Well, once the news broke up I think people will condemn her too. I think it's also very selfish of her to expose this to the media as this also bring harm to Jack's wife and kids! Wendy's family members' face sure all kanna throw by her!! She is either too shameless or angry that she forget about her family members' reputation!

Well, she is also the willing party!! It is not as if that Jack Neo trying to cheat her for free sex. So what the hell she wanna warn other girls? Warn other girls don't be be other people's mistress? She is the one who WANTS to be his mistress and I'm 100% sure that she knows Jack is married with kids! Everything just need 2 hands to clap! I can't stand people like her who try to act innocent and act as if she is the victim.

Anyway, starting I though Jack Neo is like Tiger Woods but come to think about it, I don't think so. Why? Tiger's mistress are so muchhhhhhhh more prettier and sexier. Lol! Jack Neo's mistress is just another plain Jane, Wendy Chong. News said that she's a MODEL???? I think she's more like those cheapskate freelance model. You should know by know that every tom dick and harry who do freelance model will put their occupation as MODEL!

Pretty meh? Lol!

Jack gotta learn from Tiger! Learn how to pick prettier girls mah! Lol! Joking aside, I think in terms of "sincere apology", Tiger did it way better than Jack. Hur hur!

Be honest, Be True, Family Man that's the message Jack usually sell in his movies but guess all is not so "him" after all. I think Jack can say bye bye to his career.

Case closed! Next!


kenwooi said...

serves him right.. =)

Baby said...

cow dun drink water, cow won't lower head

atreyu strange said...

she can't even pose properly in that picture!

Hayashi said...

Well said!

JUNE (An Asian Traveler) said...

I abhor men who cheat on their wives.

taufulou said...

love how they wa you comment on it..keke`

sirei said...

tsk tsk~ what a shame!
boo him~

Wagyubiff said...

The gloves are so you don't dirty your hands when you punch her

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