Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random posting

I saw this in a man. This picture actually illustrated a men's brain which you can see that 'sex' is taking up most of the space in their brain. Lol. I think this is so stereotyping. Not all men are like that but of cos I think most men are. HAHAHA. Anyway, this model can be use on women too. Some women are just like that... Some women are just as equally as horny as men. *rolleyes*

Anyway, exams are coming so Im kinda busying studying and well at times I am just practically slacking away. Lol! I realized I didn't post anything on CNY this year!! So I'm gonna post 3 photos to make up for it. Hahaha. I know it's so damn overdue.

Steamboat for the first day.

Lunch for the 2nd day =D

This is what I wore on the 2nd day.Kinda look like me pooh bear eh? Hehe!

Oh ya btw, I bought a new calculator just for my statistic exam because scientific calculator is not allow and I realized that I got no simple calculator at home =/

Look!!! My calculator is so mad chio! Lol. I'm so love the colour ;)


fakhruddin said...

The steamboat looks sooo good! I'm hungry now even though I just had lunch = ( hehe

Nuffed btw ;)

hariz said...

good luck for your final..;)

Kenzo said...

haha~ definitely right! men's brain full of SEX!

Xin@EXTRA LARGE said...

hey! dropped by and wanna say we posted something similar..
check it out :D
have a nice day ")

emo kid said...

lol not all is sex in the brain lor.....

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