Saturday, March 20, 2010

My bedroom

This was take many years ago when I still shared the room with my sis. That period I think tare panda was the most IN thing.

This was taken in like 2008 when I'm still a crazy football fan. Hehe. I bought the white transparent cloth and the cute little hanging thingy from Ikea.

This was taken in 2009. I have changed the curtain to orange. I bought it from Ikea too. Love Ikea's stuff! The round cyan thingy is from Ikea =D

p/s: I swear I did change my bedsheets regularly ok! It just so happen that whenever I take a picture of my bed, it's the doraemon bedsheets. Lol.

I took down white transparent cloth and use it as the table cloth for my study table.

This was in later 2009, I decided to shift the bed to the another side.

Tadaaa! My new bedsheets! that my papa bought for me in 2009. Hehe

Bought a new pair of pink curtain in 2010 and got myself a new wardrobe. Guess who is behind the curtain!!

Ans: my sis. Haha!

I removed the bed frame and my mattress is now on the floor. More comfy this way.

Im gonna make changes to my room soon so till then I will update again =)

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KwOnG FeI said...

wow.. girls room are well decorated..
my room is full of rubbish.. dis is what my mum told me