Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Feeling a little inspired

I always wanted to blog but always being defeated by my own laziness. So happen today that I read SPY's blog and I decided to blog a little. Haha!

My first 2 week of Jan was not so smooth but still not too bad. Firstly is my bf's sailing date. As per planned, our wedding shoot is on 8th April and we are traveling to Taiwan on the 5th April. Its only this year then my bf' announced that his sailing date is from 28th Feb - 8th April. Oh sian! But well, its not much of an issue because whatever can be solve by MONEY can never & never will be an ISSUE. Unless it's a lot of money! In the end, I have to spend extra money to buy him a ticket to fly him back to Singapore from Shanghai. Full stop.

So now it comes to work, I have plenty of issues but due to my low memory disk space in my brain, I can't remember alot of stuff. The most vivid issue that I can remember was the MC (Master of Ceremony). I shall not name him but he is really quite an asshole. I hate people who betray my trust and as a SALES person I can proposed him for all my events and whoever pissed me off, he can stop dreaming about having any more events from me.  He tried to lie and cover his lies but thankfully I went to find out from my client! Client mentioned to me that she did told him to seal his lips about their own secret arrangement and blah blah... Whatever! Both idiots! Waste my time going down for meetin and this is what you both did to me. Go and die la seriously! Make me lose my this share of commission. Haha! Especially to that MC, I give him a total of 4 shows in just a short few months and he dare to play punk with me, it is really the end of him. I WILL NEVER proposed him again even thou my lady boss asked me to talk to him. *PUI* Other than my boss, my another favourite MC will be Wayne Chua. Same surname as me, no wonder he is a nice dude. Haha!

Right now I have 2 more "Ka Kia" under me, which also means I have more work to do. While I was typing this, I can't really remember what the problem is.... So the more im telling myself, when I have something in my mind, I should just blog it out. Har har.

Anyway, I still gotta update my another blog with lots of stuff, the HK trip, his birthday and etc! *sweat* As for this blog, I promise to myself I must blog more often, I only have 10 posts in 2012! OMG! That's record breaking man! I believe I will have tons of time when my bf go for his sailing. I must blog more to keep more good and bad memories here so I can laugh at myself when I grow old! Wahaha!


Insanity said...

Am I the inspiring one? If yes, I'm glad! Hurhurs!

Kristin said...


Insanity said...

Woa! I'M SO HONOURED!! hehe

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