Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Im going to DYE!

New year is approaching and yes, it's time to dye my hair again! Anyway, this is what I did last year... (dark brown and copper red at the bottom)

Like the idea that my hair stylist came up with and I like the end product. However, I pretty hate dark colours. It makes me look older. Now when I look back at this photos, I don't think this is me! HAHA! I prefer this bright colour...I think the craziest colours I did was brow dye with orange + red highlight. I look so super ah lian back in those days. 

This year I should really try something new. Probably, I will do ombre colours again but this time I will probably go for a light brown + baby pink at the tip. Sound quite cool isn't it? Haha! 

I think this is how it gonna looks like? 

A colleague of mine dye his hair purple! I find the purple is really nice and it only cost him $50 T_T Where got such good deal! I never really trust neighbourhood salon. Anyway, I don't really has such courage to do such BOLD colours. My only asset is my hair. Haha! I simply can't take too much risk! 

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