Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dairy Farm Got Talent

Hello! I wonder if anyone still bothers to read. Anyway, I finally got the free time and mood to blog today! Yay!

*This is my 3rd attempt to type out an entry. I keep deleting after what I have type and this is not the first time. I have alot of drafts and deleted entries. My brains are just too complicated. At this point of time, I just wish I can type out some decent entries like SPY. At least when you read, you know her feelings and whats shes thinking (sort of). Unlike myself... Maybe Im thinking A but I wrote B ... Later then decided to delete it.Ironic. Lol* 

Anywya, my company did a 6 months long project - Dairy Farm's Got Talent Season 2. Last Saturday was the D days for the finalist to perform.

My lady boss asked me and other 2 colleagues to pick 1 of the contestants and be their "Nanny" for that day. I actually wanted 'The Brothers' (On the right) because they looks cute what :p But end up i got Gabriel.

I really love all of their performances as all of them put in alot of effort to make this happen. Esp for the 'Sexy Angles', definitely not easy to do cross dressed dance infront of 2500pax. I really must salute them! I was backstage during their performance but I can hear theres alot of applause and cheers the moment they go up on stage. 

When it was The Brothers's turn, I thought this will be the same for them. But Im wrong! I felt freaking sad. After their the performance, there isnt much claps or cheers for them.  After all the practice and hardwork, HELLO? Diary Farm peeps? Can clap anot? Its really sad to see them feeling dejected after the dance performance. *shake head* Esp when emcee Justin said out loud to the audience, Im so upset. =/ Heartless people! ><! I went up to them immediately after they got down the stage to give them some encouragement. =D 

When they are back to the changing room, I went to the room and passed them their hp. Then one of them keep chatting with me. =p Hmmmmm... Not bad la, after married still got people interested even im no longer listed in the market. He works for Giant, I should have ask if which branch he is from so maybe can get more discount or FOC items. Hahaha! 

Probably, my dear friend, SPY should joined my company instead of doing Advertising and Promotion. =P There's so many eye candy in doing events. Haha! 

Its really all about the passion. Its a rare thing to see you bosses dont mind trying to help to style the contestants' hair and stuff like that. 

Nice & chio pic taken by Jara. Its hardly I wear so nice right? Waaha! 

ME with a similar pose again... Because thats the only way that you can make your arms look smaller! 

Me & 1 of the contestants from The Brothers. I actually have to fake my height here. Lol! 

Really a wonderful learning experience for me. Gonna miss them even thou Im not very involved in this projects. These people are so fun! 

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