Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I am not an angel

I always believe in everything takes 2 hands to clap. Just like if one day, a couple, 1 of them decided to stray, it does not necessary mean this guy is a cheater, asshole or the girl is a slut or bitch. It just simply means there are something wrong within their relationship. I have seen too many to understand this.

If both wants to keep it together, they will automatically find ways to reconcile, to talk to each other and not say things like 'its over', 'we got nothing to talk about' and etc. Outsider simply can't control because only both of them know if they still want each other or not.

So when comes to me giving comments about such things, my reply can be very blunt... Often I feel people can't stand my comments as they feel I shouldn't "encourage" people to leave their partner, or "encourage" to cheat or etc. The fact is... Im just stating a fact. -_- I want people to see the real picture (though  i'm not always correct) and not hidden but the inner truth. Maybe I just hear and see too much =(
So here I am, the devil. But of cos... I 
But that is when you find the right ones and not with the wrong ones and continue to suffer...

Last Fri, I have an event with this XX MC, he just got married too and I congrats him. I teased him and said "wah so fast want to tie down your gf". He gave me a very sad look and said "no la, its more like the other way." Regardless, he is joking or no... I find that replied very saddening..... WHY! WHY! Why I always hear this kind of stupid comments like "Cos i need to give her a  status so I married her", "I married her cos she is stable and is those type that can put at home." or "I married her because we have been together for many years. It's about time." WTF... Why cant they say " I married her because I LOVE HER!" =(
Oh well... Last of all, may all happy couples stay happy... Unhappy couples, do reconcile if theres still hope =O

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