Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 New Year Resolution

Oh wow! It's already 2013! I have not been blogging for months... Strangely, this year I have not set any resolution! As I grow older this year, I feel that there is NO need for what stupid resolution because I will always FORGET or never bother to fulfill it after 1 week. Haha!

Oh well, not sure if I have accomplished alot in 2012 but here are some more significant stuff that worth mentioning:

1) Met the one
2) Sponsored my parent to Vietnam
3) The proposal
4) "Level up" in office

Still... I still have to set some targets for this year and they are...

1) LOST at least 8kg or more by April! C'MON! I can do it!!!!! Less carbo, less sugar, less tibits and more exercise!!
2) Successfully bid a BTO flat
3) ... Live happily ever after! HAHA! Damn! I still have alot of to do list for my wedding T_T

1 comment:

LK said...

Really Congratulations to U! I am really Happy for U!

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