Wednesday, May 29, 2013

From Feb till now...

I promise SPY to blog something so I must blog something now before I sleep. Haha!

I shall use 1 entry to summarise all the stuff that I have miss out in this blog...

Feb - 
Did an Sketcher D&D event with my colleague. To be more exact, Im actually there to just print the instant print out because I got nothing better to do. Haha!

Took a photo with my favourite DJ, Tom & my funny lame colleague, Alanzo. Love the photo template. Looks so cool ~ 

Change new wallpaper for my work laptop. Nothing much but I just find Tommy Ratliff so cooool! 

Went for a MC meeting at Pet Lovers Centre and saw this! Caesar Milan's photo with his signature. I love watching his show, Dog Whisperer. He is so damn good and taming those dogs. 

Anyway, really love my this client from PLC, they are so easy going and fun people to work with. They don't really bargain much and are willingly open to my ideas and accept the proposal without any questions. If only all clients are like them... 

March -

My signature D&D theme that I did for MINDEF Transport Formation. Damn! Im the producer that day, why am I NOT standing in the centre! ><!!!!!! I should have at least take some photos with my clients. Haha! Anyway, the event is a success and thanks to this, the different Transport Battalions look for me to quote for their event =D I always believe that EFFORT & HARDWORK will pay off. On top of that, customer service and good sales tactics must be good. 

Just let me show off abit... This is 1 of my slimmest photo after I grow fat for so long. Keke! That time I lost like close to 6kg just to get myself ready for the wedding photoshoot. I swear I look slim not because of the photo angle. Haha! 

1 of the most memorable and funny D&D I did for HOYA. The Japanese are really very fun and enthusiastic. I doubt any Singaporean will dress like that for their performance. 

I slim down abit right? Waha! *Self-praise* 

I went Adam Lambert's concert with my sis! I was sitting in the 2nd row! Can you imagine how close I am to the stage? When he came closed to the audience I totally went crazy and screaming like hell with my sis. I never knew that I still will go gaga over an idol when I'm already 25 years old. Haha.

Seriously, who cares if he is gay or what as long as he sings well and he looks HOT! Wahaha!

After this concert, im so totally inspired to buy a new camera because Im pretty disappointed with my lumix lx3 during the concert. Alot of photos are not very sharp -_-

So there you go... Panasonic GF5. So far I only used once for my TW trip. So far so good but Im not sure if its good for concert. Haha! 

Went for Orange Clove event and enjoy our free food and free medicure. The best part is that I won the 3rd prize. Wahaha! Never really expect it or won anything in a lucky draw before. Anyway, in this photos, my colleagues said that Alanzo looks like my siblings. Lol! 

My bb came back from Shanghai, China, and bought this stuff. The word "fresh meat" reminds me of a show  call '八仙飯店之人肉叉燒包 or Bun Man: The Untold Story 1993'. A totally sick and gore show. 

A show about this crazy man....

April -

Alanzo did a flower balloon sculpture for all of our colleagues. I find it nice and yet so feminine of him. Wahaha! Is there any other guys out there who like to do such this as well? Sometimes I wonder why is he single since he got so many tricks in his hand. 

Nice view from 1 of the office I went. The sales pitch went pretty bad. That period of time Im like totally lost of touch of doing presentation. Im so turn off by myself and my own low self confidence in selling the show 
-__- Totally failed! 

May -

I went for a free shopping trip with Erykca!! ><! Thanks to my 2 awesome bosses. That period of time Im really tired and seriously... I always think gotta think about I have to earn the money for my future and etc to keep myself going.... Im really TIRED!! So I posted a status on my facebook..... Then the next 1-2 days (I can't remember) my lady boss actually pass me some $$ to to go out, shop and relax. I got a 1/2 day off that day. O_O Where on earth can you find this kind of bosses! (Just FYI: Ery also got the money because of her birthday). Anyway, Im really grateful =) 

My loot for that date. Its not alot. Erykca bought even more ><! Did you see that cute thing on the top? You know if its my own money, probably I wont even bear to spend $10 to buy it. Lol!

Okay, now let me introduce a very nice iphone application for ladies who loves to take self pic photo. The apps is call, Camera 360.Seriously, the apps make your skin looks damn smooth and flawless. You dont even need any makeup. Lol! 

See! See my skin looks as if as its so perfect. If only if its real..... 

During this month, there's a new colleague who just joined us. He is deaf but he is good in his design. Sometimes it just makes me feel like we should treasure whatever we have. He is tan and fit looking but he can't talk and can't express his feelings using his mouth. At times I just feel kinda sad and hope if theres a miracle somehow that someday he can suddenly just speak. =O Anyway, on a funny note... He told my lady boss that Im the prettiest among all the female colleagues in the office. HAHA! THANKS! Im so flattered! Erykca said that I got that kind of look that a typical Singaporean guys will like. Thank you many many ... but Im already taken and now im not very skinny so there wont be alot of guys who will like me. Oh well, who needs those guys love when I already got the one. 

1 of the most yandao MC in Singapore industry! Lol! He came to our office yesterday and I was like Ooooooo.... (I still have the rights to ogle at guys ok! HAHA!) We were wearing the same colour top that day. Woo! Wahhahah!! Im not very close with him so I merely just said hello to him. I only know that everytime I propose him as the MC or client requested for him, its a 100% sure fail to clinched the event  T_T But everytime I propose another MC, Wayne, my rates in closing the sales is close to 90%. SO SAD! Anyway, when my other colleagues and I  were having a group discussion outside the office, he walked passed us and he suddenly called my name in his high pitch tone, I gave him a "huh" look and he said "nothing" and smile. I wanted to like strike off a conversation but maybe he is too yandao that I think its better for me to just continue to ogle and shut up. Lol! Okay, at least he remember my name. =P

Lastly!!! I met up with Grassy & SPY TODAY! OOPS! I mean yesterday. The time is already 2.50am =O Anyway, its always nice to catch up with super old friends once in a while Guess there will be alot more to catch up to discuss on my wedding stuff. Hur hur ~ I don't mind SPY coming up with games for the gate crashing but definitely don't wish any of the guys to get injured. Haha!! SPY better tell me all the games she planning to have before the actual day! This is an order! HAHA! 

Im already trying my best to type as many as possible in my blog entry. Haha! I think pictures always speaks louder than words. I find that the older I grow, the lesser words I have. I always find it pointless to complaint so much in my blog which I used to do it in the past. It's better to share more stuffs that makes you happy than to share more stuff that makes you angry & sad. Thats why I choose to either forget it, dont blog it or dont bother to mention again.  

Anyway, this is my another blog, its mostly about me and my the other half. I am still trying my best to complete all blog entries. *Bless me* 


hazel said...

I just wanna say thank you for updating! Even in wee hours! N I'm really happy for you. Work wise, bosses are good, events are tiring but it's fun and sense of satisfaction is great!

N most of all, your future is secured with a great guy! *cross fingers* :D

ting said...

well.. it has been a long long time since you blog so much.. always drop by to see if there is any update.. cause in fb, can only see your work pictures.. can s u really work very hard.. sometimes can see ur lovely pics with your the other half.. i m really happy for you too!! :)

Kristin said...

Thanks HT! I see you happily going overseas also ><!

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