Saturday, May 15, 2010

My lumix lx 3 got a new clothing!

I bought the flora silver metal sticker from Gariz! After I get it from the supplier last night, I immediately went to MacDonald to stick it. Wahaha! At least now my camera don't look so black and typical anymore!

Anyway, Gariz also sell several other camera products. You may check it out if you are interested. All items are made in Korea.


I added the white pearl beads with the help of my sis. Hehe.


Front view

Back view

The metal sticker is suppose to be silver in colour but perhaps the light in MacDonald make it looks like gold in colour or maybe my blackberry camera is not good enough. Haha! Anyway, here's the picture from the website. It give a much clearer look how it suppose to look like.


Kelvin said...

Wah, the picture from the website is more style wor XD

ohmywtf said...

omg..the metal sticker so nice..where can i get it??

M-Knight said...

wow!!! so cool the metal sticker

Lean said...

Checking out ere. =)

Kevin said...

nice "clothing: your lumix have got.

wondering how much is the price for it?


dropping by from innit..nanged

erwinator said...

looks nicer! 8-D
cool way to fall in love with ur gadget all over again.

kenwooi said...

haha.. very cool now =D

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