Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend is a fairy tale, weekdays is a nightmare!

Weekend is coming to an end again, which means happy times gonna be over again. It's not as if that I'm gonna go back to school or work on Monday but Monday means I have to start my job search again! Anyway, I shall sum up my stuff for this week.

On Monday, I received an email form a reputable Japanese company to ask me to go down for an interview on Wednesday. So I went there on Wednesday and the moment I stepped into the lobby, I was kinda shock to see my ex colleague working there as a receptionist. Haha! What a small world! Anyway, the interview went on smoothly but according to my that ex colleague, she said next week there are 3 or 4 more person coming for interview for the same job that I applied! Gosh! I hope I do stand out from the rest. HAHA!

I got another interview on Friday, the place near my house so it's pretty convenient. But well I doubt I will get that job as the interviewer seems so busy, she didn't asked me much questions and I didn't get to talk much either. Oh well, after the interview, I also hope that I don't get this job? HAHA! Probably the young lady at the reception is such a fup person. When I went there, she immediately pick up the phone and look away. WTF! So damn rude -__-

Other than all the interviews, I spend all my time at home as I'm sick! Im down with flu~ Argh! Then now, weekend is gonna over! I didn't go out or do anything because of my flu!! So sad! =( Probably the only good news was I won the tickets from Nuffnang to watch the Prince of Persia!! Yay!

Now it's less than 2 more hours to Monday, which means I gotta start my job hunt again. Good luck to myself.


Lean said...

Checking out ere Kris. =). smiles for u .. Clicked at nokia X6

"I" the writer said...

Weekend do fly by fast...DAMN! Anyway good luck on finding ur dream job ;)

jfook said...

All the best in your interview!

Kelvin said...

Wat company is tat, i also looking for job haha XD

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