Friday, May 21, 2010

Nuffnang Movie Contest – “Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time”

1. If you have a dagger that turns back time, what event/danger would you change?

I will definitely turn back to the time when I'm taking my O levels. During that period I was so addicted to this MMORPG game called, A3 (the company has already closed down -___-) and I wasted all my precious time away by playing games instead of studying hard for my O level.

In the end, I scored a disappointing result for my O level. Even though I managed to get a A2 for my history and passed the rest of my subjects with an average grade but I GOT A F9 FOR MY MATH! WTF! The result is bad because of my MATH!! I failed to get into poly, I refused to go ITE and I didn't want to retake my Math.

I was kinda lost and I went to take up a private course for preschool teaching. After I obtain the certificate, I didn't become a kindergarten teacher. I take up a job as a Distributor Support Representative. The salary was bad and I decided to take up another private diploma course from PSB academy. I have graduated and now taking a degree course in UOL. Blah blah blah... I can go on and on to whine about my regrets but well all this has already happen.

If I can turn back time, I will definitely study hard again for my O level! I not only can save my time and also my parent's hard earned money =(

In reality, even now I can't turn back the time I will definitely continue to work hard in my studies and my own future!

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JLean said...

Dropping by ere. =)

Kelvin said...

At least u have the money to study private course~

I passed all my subjects in o levels but no money to study at that time...

OZM said...

lol too late live the best with no regrades ....