Sunday, May 9, 2010

Solution to beat the hot weather!

The weather these days are so crazy! At times its so hooooooooooooooot.... but sometimes its keeps raining! -___- Anyway, when the weather is hot and humid, the best way to defeat the sun is to eat ice cream! Wahaha! Here's what I did:

Bought waffles from NTUC. Put them into the oven toaster... *ding*!

Scoop your favourite ice cream flavour on top of it! I got 1 raspberry and...

mint with chocolate chip! Yum!

You can even put the ice cream into A&W!

What a cheap and simple way to beat the sunny weather! You can save your money by not going to Gelare or whatever store to eat their ice cream waffles. The DIY way is cheap and nice. Hehe.


Lean said...

Dropping by ere. =)

jfook said...

You are so creative!! LOL. I love waffle with ice cream and it really costs me about RM 4.00 to have ice cream waffle outside. So it's time for DLY now

♥Baboon Tan♥ said...

me too! i love A&W waffle with ice cream! another easy solution is just drink COLD water! haha!

kenwooi said...

haha.. really nice thing to do.. looks delicious =)

Kelvin said...

I bought my own waffles and apply tons of peanuts on it and cost lesser than outside XD

Gonna try this too^^