Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If I have the Sands of Time dagger...

I watched Price of Persia last night! It is awesome movie because Jake Gyllenhaal is in the movie! Lol! Just kidding. Overall the movie is alright even though it's predictable but still it's fun to watch.

If I have the Sands of Time dagger, I will probably used it on many occasion! Lol! I will probably use it during my primary school days. During those days, I should have pick to be better friend of SPY rather than someone else. What to do?! That time was like a tug-o-war, everyone is fighting to be friend with me and worse is they can't SHARE! All like same kids. Lol! Strange!

Then I might just use it again during my secondary school days, I will stop playing the stupid game call, A3 and I can retake my O level and go into polytechnic. Also, at the same time, I will tell my buddy, SPY not to get attached with that XX guy! After than I will tell her just go ahead and be with that Malaysian guy. He is much better than the cheater!

After the O level, my family & grassy went Genting, during that time I WILL TELL MYSELF NOT TO EAT LIKE A MAD WOMAN DURING THE BUFFET!!! That time was like hell for me, I vomit and etc etc... I even have to visit the clinic there =(

At the age of 21, which is probably the age when I graduate from poly (assuming if I manage to turn back time.HAHA) I will still do the same, get the same agent and get me into the bank job and met him =D Another is, I will straight tell A not to waste time on me. I might probably change for better and take less fake MCs. LOL!

Before my 21st birthday celebration, I will tell my bf to lock his bike so his bike will never be stolen and he would have appear in my 21st birthday celebration photos =(

I still got plenty of things I wish to change but it's all useless. So I rather take this time to treasure all my family and friends, especially Grassy & SPY. They are ones that I never wish change =)

Well, after movie, my sis, her hubby and dear went to eat Botak Jones. As its already like 9pm plus, I decided not to eat so much and so I shared the food with my dear.

Swanky Franky
The hotdog is damn long & big! Lol! I love their fries the most =D


ohmywtf said...

LOL...if only we can turn back time :-)

taufulou said...

nice ah..
going to watch it tonite~

DC said...

I was there too last night! :)

Kelvin said...

The movie really predictable ah? Sianz liao...

sirei said...

i don't expect to watch this movie at all. lol