Thursday, May 13, 2010

Exams are over!

Finally my exams are over! Now I can only wait for my result to be out. Honestly speaking, I am quite scared of knowing the result that should be out in September. I got a feeling that my Math 1 is gonna fail :( Nonetheless, I'm expecting to pass the rest. *cross fingers*

Anyway, we went Downtown east to have our lunch. Initially, I want to save money and decided to go foodcourt but dear wanted to go Pasta Mania instead. In the end, I spent more money and I ordered something that is tasteless. I'm so full of regrets! I should just order what I usually ordered. $%&#%&

Dear's order - Bacon and cheese pasta.

My tasteless order - Seafood zupa.


ohmywtf said...

good luck with ur maths result :-)

Jong said...

good for you...i still have one more paper to go....sob

Kelvin said...

Pasta mania suxxxx!!! Esp their soup!!!

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