Monday, April 5, 2010

Shopping spree with Sista!

Hoho! This is just another out-dated post! >_< Many weeks ago, me and my sis went to Somerset 313 to shop! I think other than they have F21 over there, the rest is pretty much the same with all the other shopping mall. Nonetheless we have a great time =)

Before we go for our shopping, we filled our tummy first @ Aijsen, Jurong Point.

My seafood ramen.

Sis's beef ramen.

Their white fish is nice. The side dish come free with the main course.

My sis - Relaxing @ Coffeebean. I wonder why is she looking so shock! Haha!

At the end of the day... This is my loot! None of them are over $30+. Wahaha!


Lean said...

Checking out ere. =)

SpicyMother said...

Hmm, the seafood and beef ramen look really delicious. Yummy!

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