Thursday, April 1, 2010

18 years old girls post pics of her and her bf in action on bed

Omg! I saw this on Wayang and I thought this girl is from other county but I am wrong! She is from Singapore! She goes by the nickname of xxlurvegalxx aka Grace. Well, I don't really care if anyone likes taking such pictures because it is their own business. I do believe there are many others out there doing the same thing!! But perhaps they are smart enough to keep those pictures to themselves.

Regardless if it's public blog or private blog, people will always have a way to DIG YOUR PRIVATE STUFF! So think twice before posting your naked picture! Unless you enjoy getting alot of attentions!

Anyway, I read her blog and in most of her entries she sounded very childish. Oh well, she is only 18 years old. I hope GIRLS should be more sensible in posting such stuff -_-

Anyway, this is what she wrote in her blog.

This reminds me of a story that Kai told me. He said that his friend ex gf "kiap" his ass while having sex so he can shoot it inside her. This way, she can keep him forever. Haha! So naive!!! It sounds abit stupid but it's so funny! Well, girls...!! Please don't try silly things like this! What if you got pregnant and the guy run off? The only person that suffer is YOU and your family -___-

Anyone who is interested to read her blog, click here. Nothing wrong to share right? After all, she is the one sharing it with everyone. Haha.

EDIT: BOoo! The link don't works anymore! I think she has removed her blog.


uchan said...

she's daring!!!

shud make her blog private unless she intends to be famous in such an express way ^..^

Melanie said...

this reminds me of one of the link Xiaxue used to post on her twitter (she deleted it already). the blogger's also from Singapore, but it was written by her bf. It was all the details about their sex life and .. things not meant to be blogged. i wonder what these people had on their mind.

Jocelyn said...

gosh.. she is .. eeew. -__-

sirei said...

the language of lala... =_____=

Kelvin said...

Dunno wats up with teens nowadays~

mandy said...

quite rich leh! 17 yrs old can affort hotel 81 for love making session. not bad

SpicyMother said...

Times have changed.. girls these days dun tink it is important to protect their own modesty.

Having sex and getting pregnant will not tie down a guy if he is irresponsible. A baby will only burden the girl and her family.

OZM said...

math problem sum

lol retarded put ur own pic
= no life which is
= deprive of child hood
=parents nvr teach
=slut which is also
= bitch

taufulou said...

me and my friends was talking about it yesterday about this topic..

didnt know that there are actualyl ppl blog about this thing in blog..


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