Sunday, April 11, 2010

Check my new loots!!!

Yesterday was the greatest day! Lol! Even though I spend alot of money but I finally got what I wanted! =)

Guess which is mine? =D

I have wanted Blackberry bold 2 since a very very longgggggggg time! Guess what I got later in the evening..... MY LUMIX LX3!!!!! Weee!

I bought at M S Color @ $679 but I add a $20 to get an extra original battery. Usual price of the battery is $75. Other freebies include:

1) 8g memory card
2) case
3) oem battery
4) lcd protector
5) mini tripod
6) card reader

Quite a good deal as I have check with other shops, they are either out of stock or their freebies is only like a 8g card or case.

Anyway I sold off my old Sony T77 at $250, also my dear promise to gimme $200 ( I swear I didn't force him to gimme a single cent) and therefore I decided to buy this if not I am still staring at my money in the bank, hoping it will grow faster every night. Lol!

Oh well well.... Yay! I think my April gonna be a great month! Lol!


kenwooi said...

2 new gadgets in 1 day.. so nice.. i wonder when will i experience that =P

erwinator said...

awww... I wanted to have a panasonic too. congrats :-D

sirei said...

my bro got this too.
nice camera, real nice :)

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